Running our hotels is already sometimes challenging.
Operating with efficencies can make your life easier.
Here are some of our favorite tools to help improve and secure your business operations.


Don't lose your files because of a virus.
Get protection against hackers and spam.

Kaspersky Total Security

KasperskyTotal Security


Protection against Viruses & Ransomware


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Protect your hotel computers from viruses, hackers, attackers and ransomware.**

 Kaspersky can help you to protect your business – on all devices – so you can operate, shop, surf, socialize & stream… more safely.

  • Guards privacy, passwords, files & photos
  • Boosts security online
  • Helps safeguard lobby computers… online & beyond



























Great tool for hotel reporting
Get all your hotel's daily & night audit reports set directly to your email in-box. 

How online faxing works

how to send a fax

Sending faxes

Create a "new fax" in the RingCentral mobile or desktop app and enter the recipient's fax number, add message text, and attach files from DropBox, Box, Google Drive, or any Microsoft Office® application.

Or, submit faxes via email by addressing them to the recipient's fax number The email text and any attachments become the pages of the fax.

how to receive a fax

Receiving faxes

RingCentral will provide you with your own fax number or you can use your existing number. You'll receive internet faxes in your inbox as email attachments that you can forward, file, or print.