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*** NOTE: Starting July 17, 2018, all free sample kits require a small shipping fee to be paid by customers. (But don't worry.. when you're ready to place a full order, we're happy to credit you back - just ask) 

Our sample kit includes a range of our top-selling products - complete with a selection of paper stocks, sizes and special finishes - all designed to leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Get 11 Tools included in Sample Kit 

Want to touch and feel our high quality products? We are happy to send you  samples of our most popular products. 

What's Included in your kit + how each tool can help you

  1. Review Business cards – will give you the best way to ask for reviews, so guests don’t forget
  2. We Care cards–helps you qualify if guests were happy or not (then you ask for a review)
  3. CareFreshener – allows you to use the power of scent to remind guests to share a review
  4. Housekeeping squares– allows hk team to express their commitment and hard work to guests
  5. Housekeeping cards - make your housekeeping team proud of their work
  6. Mention My Name cards  - gets everyone on your teams names mentioned
  7. It's Fixed Maintenance cards  - informs your guests repairs were made 
  8. Trip Feedback cards - get direct feedback & prepare customers to post a review on tripadvisor
  9. Twix'd Maintenance cards​ – improve communications to guests, while making them smile
  10. DND Slides/DND notes – stops guests from complaining why their room didn’t get cleaned
  11. Custom Water Bottle label template – give out a water bottle that guests will remember

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** Limited to 1 sample pack per customer, per order. We reserved the right to cancel non-hotel/hospitality sample orders.  Offer good only in the Continental US. Shipping Address must be a valid business address.

Sample Kits usually ship out within 5-15 business days or based on availability.


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