Improve guest satisfaction scores. Show your guests how much you care. Surprise them with a personalized bag of chips. 

Perfect for guest recognition or sales and marketing. 

Great for any size, location, branded or non-branded hotels and businesses.


  • Printable/Editable at hotel with Guest’s Name.
  • Customizations include hotel's logo and name/location
  • PDF format file.
  • No design or setup fees.
  • Works best on 1oz to 10oz bag.
  • Perfect for local Sales & Marketing efforts too.

How to Order:
1) Select Item and Proceed to Checkout
2) Once Purchase has been made, we customize with logos/location
3) We email you file

How to Use Template:
1) Open file
2) Type Guest's Name
3) Print using office/hotel printer (regular copy paper)  Trim
4) Wrap around favorite bag of chips

4" x 4" after trimmed
Printing: Print on regular paper with laser or injet printerProduct Type:PDF - Digital file

Delivery Time:
Turnaround time is usually same day. Available Worldwide

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Select Full Color if you would like to print in color. Or select black and white to save on tone.

Total$ 47.99

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