We Forget to Say Thanks

We Forget to Say Thanks

In the hospitality business, every day is different. One minute you might be piled high with reports, the next minute you find yourself inspecting rooms. Do you sometimes feel like things are moving at a million miles per hour and you can’t stop it?

Where did my day go?

With the multiple things I’m involved in, I know I go through spurts of being busy, busy, busy. During these fast-paced times, I feel like I’ve missed out on making authentic connections with the people around me. I’ve missed out on opportunities to thank them for being there for me. I often forget to say thanks for all that they do.

When’s the last time you thanked a co-worker, friend, business partner, vendor or even that loyal guest?

We will continue being busy for the rest of our lives, but if we don’t stop and truly experience this moment, we will lose it forever. Don’t forget to find time to thank someone today – trust me, they’ll remember it for a very long time.

Oh and by the way, remember to appreciate your significant other and family too!

Have have successful day!
-Rupesh Patel

PS- How do you go about thanking the people that surround you? Share your comments below. Thanks!

Rupesh Patel

Rupesh Patel, hotelier and founder at SmartGuests.com, a U.S.-based Hospitality and Review Tools company that helps hotels increase revenues and occupancy, by boosting their online reviews and reputation. His proven system has not only improved his own hotels, but have helped hundreds of other hotels (large and small) get an advantage over their competition. He regularly shares his passion for entrepreneurship, customer service and marketing on numerous industry sites, social media and blogs.

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