Cookies: Spreading Good Fortune at Your Hotel

Your Very Own Front Desk Fortune Cookie Jar with FREE Downloadable Design
There’s something magical about fortune cookies. We all know that they almost never give us an accurate prediction about our future, but there’s something about the randomness of getting a cookie, splitting it open and getting an almost prophetic message that appeals to us. Of course, it does not hurt that the cookie itself is yummy as well.

Fortune Cookies for Hotels

Fortune cookies are definitely a hit at the start of the year as we invite good luck and prosperity into our lives. Days after the world welcomed 2014 and a couple of weeks before we welcome the Chinese New Year, our team at our Quality Inn Daytona Speedway thought — why not put a fortune cookie jar at our front desk as a creative (and yummy way) to welcome our guests?

Our fortune cookie jar has been up for a few days now and our guests really appreciate the gesture! It’s such a hit that we thought we’d share how we did this DIY fortune cookie jar so you can have your own at your front desk.

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Step 1: Go to Your Favorite Chinese Restaurant and Talk to the Manager

Of course, the first step is for you to find a supplier from whom you can buy fortune cookies in bulk at an affordable price. If you don’t know anyone personally, ask your staff or your friends. Our suggestion is to look for fortune cookies that are individually packed. This way, you can just put them altogether in a jar and everything stays fresh and clean.

We got our fortune cookies at a really good deal — 350 pieces of individually wrapped cookies for just $20. The restaurant owner is a good friend of ours, so we really suggest that you leverage any relationship you have. Or buy them here for around 7 cents each:  Golden Bowl Fortune Cookies, 400-Count Box

Step 2: Buy a Nice Vase

This is where you’ll put the cookies for display. We bought the jar we’re using from a local supplies retailer (Michael Craft’s Store) for $15. We opted for a big, clear, glass jar because we wanted the display to look clean, simple and elegant. You can go for a more intricate jar. Here is one we found on Amazon, 6″ X 12″ Cylinder Vase

Step 3: Design and Print Out an Eye-Catching Sign

Ours read very straightforward: We Wish You Happiness. May Your Fortune Come True in 2014. We incorporate simple graphics plus our hotel’s branding visuals (logo, color scheme, etc.) and printed out a sign to accompany the fortune cookie jar. You can have any copy you want. Just make sure it’s relevant, creative and welcoming. If you have a huge front desk, you can even incorporate other display elements such as Chinese lucky charms. Just make sure it doesn’t look cluttered and interfere with your front desk operations.  DOWNLOAD & PRINT OUR DESIGN HERE 


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Step 4: Watch How Your Guests Are Impressed with Your Simple and Sweet Gesture

It’s really a joy watching our guests gamely dig into the jar and open the cookie and watch how they react as they read their fortune. Only goes to show that with a small budget and hefty dose of creativity, you can make your hotel guests feel extra special. Who knows, they may even post a positive online review about your property.

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