How Hotels can Get More Facebook Likes for Free

UPDATED: AUGUST 2014. Facebook no longer allows “Gate” likes.
see details here:

Why are guests being redirected to your hotel’s website after logging into the wifi system?
You should be building your social presence and seo by sending them to a facebook landing page.

How Hotels Can Get More Facebook Likes

How Hotels Can Get More Facebook Likes

 Here’s how to do it for FREE.

Hotel owners and managers can no longer ignore how Facebook and other social media channels have changed the hospitality industry. The number of Facebook Likes your hotel has is a good barometer of how strong your online presence is. Getting these “virtual thumbs up” is not an easy feat especially if you have limited social media knowledge and limited marketing budget.

An app that can help you get more Facebook Likes at no cost at all sounds like a lofty dream — until you come across 22s app.

Free Facebook Landing Page App

Free Facebook Landing Page App

What is 22s App? 

This facebook app allows you to create your very own Facebook landing page without all the programming and design costs. In short, it’s an inexpensive yet effective alternative to having a landing page or squeeze page designed. You can customize the look of your page so it reflects the personality of your hotel. You can also enrich your page by inserting multi-media elements such as photos, audio, videos and even a live Google hangout. A great feature of Facebook landing pages made using 22S is you can put a “Like Gate” for your landing page’s content. This means that people won’t see your content unless they Like your page.

And here is where the deal gets sweeter — 22S allows you to create your first Facebook landing page absolutely Free. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How Hotels can Get More Facebook Likes for Free: How Can Hotels Use 22S App? 

Most of the time, hotels redirect guests to their site’s homepage after accessing the hotel’s Wi-Fi or internet network. To be perfectly candid, we think this is a waste because it is highly likely that your guests have already read your site in advance prior to booking. It’s a missed opportunity for a meaningful engagement.

At the Quality Inn Daytona Speedway, we did things differently. We created free Facebook landing page using and we redirected our guests to this page after accessing our Internet network. In a couple of weeks, we generated close to 50 Facebook Likes from the landing page. If this number doesn’t increase (and we’re quite sure it would), we would generate 100 Likes in a month and close to 1,200 new Likes within a year. To get the same number using other marketing methods, we would spend hundreds of dollars and invest a lot of time.

Watch & Learn: How to Get Free & Easy Facebook LIKES for Your Hotel  


As an extra bonus, we are giving away a free landing page image template which you can easily edit and tailor fit to your needs.

Use this Free Online Image Editor

Connected Landing Page Image

Download (Right-Click, Save As): Connected Landing Page Image



Download (Right-Click, Save As):
Free wifi artwork


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