Empower Housekeeping Personnel with Housekeeping Cards

Will All Great Housekeepers Please Stand Up? Empower Your Housekeeping Personnel with Our Housekeeping Cards

In 2012, textile company Crypton Fabric commissioned the Washington, D.C. based firm Wakefield Research to perform a survey on hotel cleanliness on their behalf. The results of the survey made headlines and kept the entire hospitality industry abuzz for a long time. Take a few seconds and read this excerpt of an article published in the LA Times:

Housekeeping Cards by SmartGuests.com

This goes without saying that when guests book a hotel, they are expecting nothing less than a pristine, immaculate and spotless room where they can relax and enjoy their vacations. Dealing with cockroaches, stains, molds and strangers’ hair strands is definitely not part of any travelers itinerary. 

Hotel Cleanliness’ Impact on Your Hotel’s Reputation

Before, dirty hotels have survived because there’s no way for guests to tell the world about their horror stories. Today, with the emergence of social review sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp, your guests are your best advocates and your worst enemies. Now more than ever, hotels are under the scrutinizing microscope of guests when it comes to cleanliness.

So, how does cleanliness affect your hotel’s reputation online? For this, we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

  •  According to the Hague Hotel School, 70% of hotel guests agree that cleanliness is the most important consideration when recommending hotels to their friends and colleagues
  • A study conducted by UK-based property management company Emprise Services found out that 90% of travelers avoid hotels that are labeled dirty even though these hotels offer great rates and amenities
  •  82% of those who stayed in filthy and unhygienic hotels will share their bad experience
  • 72% of guests who stayed in dirty hotels will discourage other people from booking in the same hotel
  •  75% of guests who stayed in dirty hotels will never return

In a competitive industry wherein you can’t control a lot of market factors, the cleanliness of your hotel is the one thing you can be on top of.

Great Article on Hiring Hotel Staff

Empower Your Housekeeping Staff

Housekeeping is one of the crucial pillars in the success of a hotel. It is not the most glamorous jobs in the world, but a hotel can rise and fall in the hands of its housekeepers. Typically, housekeepers are the nameless unsung heroes of hotels, so we thought, why not give them the recognition they deserve?

This is the inspiration behind SmartGuests.com’s Housekeeping Cards. It assures guests that their room is clean and it gives them a single point of contact in term’s of their room’s upkeep, which actually creates a perception of VIP treatment.

Housekeeping Cards by SmartGuests.com

Housekeeping Cards by SmartGuests.com

It’s really simple. Your housekeeping staff can write their name on the card and below that, there’s a short blurb on how he/she spent a great deal of time to make sure that the room is in good shape and a short instruction on how they can contact housekeeping if they need something.

This creates a sense of ownership among your hotel’s housekeepers and instills pride among them for doing great work. And keeps all the “Gross” things cleaned up and out of rooms.  Couple this with our Staff Social Review Cards [https://smartguests.com/staff-social-business-cards/] and a great incentives program and you have a more motivated, inspired and empowered housekeeping personnel.

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